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Have you ever heard anything about feng shui? I bet most of you haven’t. Feng shui is a Chinese system of aesthetic used to improve life by adding positive energy around the building where we occupy. Feng shui which literally means “wind and water” is said to be closely related to the use the laws of Heaven and Earth. The experts said the implementation of this practice will bring “luck” for the occupants of the buildings.


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Bring the african ambiance into your bedroom

The savannah of Africa represents different natural elements including the yellow grass, the vibrant forest and the sound of the animals from different genres that create a very particular image in our mind when we heard the word “safari”. Today the safari style has become a new genre that many people love as a home decoration.


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Children room decoration..it’s fondamental

During their late teens, children need new and different space in their room to make them feel happy at home. As a parent, you need to think about effective children room decoration. When your children are entering the end of their teen age, it’s normal if they need more space for themselves and they would prefer to have a room that can provide their needs. Having the same room will make them “suffocate” and in some way they might not feel comfortable and abandon their room often. We definitely need to avoid this before it happens. There are some ways we need to follow in order to make your children feel comfortable in their own room without forgeting the importance of teaching them how to be a responsible house member.

I will give you some interesting advice that can “hopefully” help you to remodel your children room in the best manner. One thing needs to me put in mind, try to implement these ideas but try to adjust them with your children interest and character. Do not try to redecorate their room without considering the aspects that really matters to them.

1. Let Them Personalize It

As we all know, teenagers are prone to be highly influenced by their favorite genre of music or sports. If you want to redecorate your children’s room, communicate with them first and try to get information about what color or style they want their room to look like. Urge them to participate in the remodeling process, make sure the final result will be well appreciated.

2. Sound proof door

As teenagers tend to put loud music, you don’t need to stop them from doing it! Get sound proof door! It would at least make the other members of the house less disturbed by the sound. Make a sound proof door and window and put a nice thick carpet instead of a hardwood floor. On the other hand, not only it would protect you from their music, it could also protect them from exterior noises when they need a quiet time to study. Moreover, you might also move their room downstairs. The will have more free space and you will be less disturbed by their activities.

3. Get A Bigger Bed

You definitely need to get a bigger bed. Physically they are in a phase of growing faster than ever. Get a double bed for them. The other advantage, you can also use the room for your guests when your children are not at home.

4. Give a good lighting in your room

Create a good illumination is another aspect to think about. Your children might need a good and proper bedside lamp and task lighting in their desk. Add some ambient lightning to add different atmosphere if possible. Dont forget about the plug-ins and sockets. Your children might need lots of plugs for different use like computers, video games, etc. Getting an electrician to install new sockets is not a bad idea.

5. Teach them how to organize
Late teens have a tendency to be a “pack rat”. They are normally irresponsible and dont care about organizing their own belongings. Try to teach or negotiate with them about the stuff you can remove to the loft or to the main storage room.  Find out which useless stuff you can throw away. Remind them to pack away their personal stuff in boxes or underbed storage bags. You might use the walls by using small rack to put their stuff or their clothes.

Try to implement these 5 tips effectively. Get to know better what they want kind of room they want by show ing them some examples in Internet or magazines. To be better informed about choosing the right support/tools, make a research in the Internet about room decoration from the experts in this link Channel4


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Bali is an island located in Indonesia and it is known for its marvelous beaches. Once you visit this “island of the gods”, you will feel the peace of mind. The local Balinese people are known for their craft works and other type of art piece. They make many different types of handicraft and souvenirs for the tourists.  It is definitely a fantastic destination for tourists coming from different continents.

These handicrafts have different styles and sizes. Most of them are specially made for home decoration. There are millions of tourists that buy original Balinese handicraft products every year.  The idea is to decorate thier homes by adding statues, paintings, masks or even desks and tables to give an exotic ambiance to your house. Moreover, if you go to Bali or if you know someone that make handicraft, you can always give information directly to the craftmen to develop your own customize products. Therefore, there are many customized traditional designs have grow up to be simply and modern.

Here below are some of the handicrafts (masks)

Besides the decorations, the balineses sell also furnitures like sofa, table, chairs and also kitchen appliances made from a combination of wood and rattan.

If you are fan of asiatic decoration, putting these handicraft will definately make your house so much different. The asian influence will be strongly present and you can feel directly the calm and peaceful ambiance as if your house is protected by the gods.  🙂

For further information about balinese crafting, visit these pages:




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