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Yesterday, 5 burglars entered my neighbor’s house through the front door while they went to the nearest supermarket to buy some stuff. At that time I was not at home as well, but I was shocked to hear the news and fell really sorry for them. They lost almost all of their most precious belongings like TV, PC, Radio, Camera canon etc. Fortunately all of his stuff are insured, can you imagine if they were not? The crazy thing is, this burglars only needed 5 minutes for the whole operation.


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Improve your home security using high tech security camera.

Have you ever feel afraid of leaving your house without having anything to protect your belongings? If you’re rich you can hire a security guard to monitor your house 24/7. You could even purchase a guard dog and put them in the back yard to make your house more secure. But what if your house is too small or you dont really like having pets and you dont want to spend too much for security guard ? Well, thanks to the technology, we could provide our home with less expensive and easy to use security camera systems that will give us full surveillance to our home.

The types of security cameras are varied. We don’t need to have huge CCTV cameras that you find in the streets or in the huge supermarket, we only need small and easy to install type of camera, and believe me it’s enough for everything.

However, try to put them in spots where nobody can see it. You dont want to make your friends/guests unconfortable by putting camera in your living room right? On the other hand, visible security camera will be easily avoided/disabled by burglars, so hide your camera!

A part from that, the price for buying big surveillance cameras is too high and they are difficult to install. Here below are some of my recommendations of low cost and easy to use security cameras:

1. LOGITECH Indoor Video Security Master System 961-000275

This indoor security camera is very handy. The size is small, portable and possible to be placed in different positions (you can hang them on the wall or just pose them on the table). Only 15 minutes of installation.

Price: $170-180

2. D100 Everfocus 1/3″B/W Mini Dome Camera

If you prefer to have round and “just like in the store” type of security camera, ED100 Everfocus 1/3″B/W Mini Dome Camera  is the right solution. It is not too expensive but has good quality.

Price: $57 – 60

3. CL-81S – Spy Hidden Covert Smoke Detector 420 Lines Sony CCD CCTV Security Camera

Another type of security cameras looks like a smoke detector, but it has small camera inside to fool intruders. I highly recommend this type of camera because the simplicity of the installation, the fact that the camera is hidden, and the fact that the price is very reasonable.

Price: $50

With the increasing level of crime in several countries, people tend to be prudent in securing their houses from burglars and intruders. These low cost security cameras seems to be a good idea. The price is reasonable, the instalation process takes no more that 15 minutes and your house is being monitored 24/7.

What do you think? Worth a try right?


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