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Have you ever get stressed with the soaring temperature during summer time that goes out of control. As the peak of the summer is approaching on August, the temperature will normally increase into its maximum level. During this period of the year, people need to find a solution on how to control the heat level.

I just found something that might solve this problem. Have you heard about metal roofing? Actually, it’s a new solution that prevents overheating inside your house due to over exposure from the heat that makes your air conditioner useless to cool the house. A metal roof reflects the sun’s energy better that asphalt shingles or traditional roofing material. Generally, metal roof’s main use is to conserve solar radiation during daytime and rejects it back into the sky during night time.

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You also can follow some of these tips about how to be energy efficient:

  • installing new energy efficient windows and doors
  • installing solar panels
  • using energy efficient appliances
  • Follow Energy Star’s recommendation clic here


Source: Energy Star

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A good idea for you to motivate you children to build a tent made of sheets in their living room. It definitely reminds me of my childhood when I see the article. Using sheets from my parent and use my experimental mind to create a private shelter that protect my little world from the outside world. Of course there is nothing wrong to let your child having tents in their bedroom as long as the materials used are made of something easy to make and don’t make too much mess inside the room. Moreover, this sheet tent can be a very good bedroom decoration.

A lil bit of info about Timothy Karpinski

In the picture, you can see the image of tent created by Timothy J. Karpinski from Portland, USA. He made this tent to participate in milepost 5 show, a show that exhibit interesting and creative creations by young artists. Mr. Kapinski is known for creating artistic paintings and books related to childhood images and memories. Visit his gallery and witness his works. A new talented artist that has his own artistic “master piece” for us to enjoy….



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