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Multifunction toilet system?

We’ve never seen a real significant difference in toilet design recently. We only see slight change in toilet change like toilet that use push flush design or the wall hanged toilet but we never actually see an actual breakthrough in toilet design.
Well maybe this might change soon. I see often in the internet there lots of articles that discuss about this issue. For example, I’ve read an article that covers a story about Chinese and Japanese designers which have developed a multifunction toilet that integrates the toilet bowl, washing machine, sink and flip mirror in one equipment. These toilets are said to conserve less water and energy. It’s clear that perhaps the used water will be recycled and will be used again for another use.


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Lighting your bathroomMost of us don’t really consider bathroom lightning as an essential part for having a nice and comfortable bathroom. Well actually it is very important.  The bathroom is where we do our very personal and detail moment such as putting make up and shaving. We sometimes get annoyed when we make mistakes while doing those tasks without realizing real cause. Poor lightning is definitely one thing we need to avoid, therefore here are some tips to make sure your bathroom will be better illuminated:

Tip 1 – Layer the Light

You can feel how irritating is to have a bathroom with just one light source and a single source of light can be very unpleasant.  There are several options to remodel your bathroom that includes several types of light:

Task lighting provides the right light while applying makeup and shaving. This type of lighting have different models, but the one I would recommend is the hanging on the wall flanking the sink type.

Ambient Lighting gives a bouncing effect of the light to the ceiling and can soften shadows.

Accent Lighting allows you to illuminate design features such as paintings, plants or the tiles.

Decorating Lighting to add some luxurious touch in your bathroom. To be installed in the ceiling of your   bathroom.

Tips 2 – Create a scene

Try to locate the scene for the lighting. Focus the bright light in the area where you spend most of the time for applying make up or shaving. Create a softer lighting for relaxing area like in the bathtub or in the shower depends on your preference.

Tips 3 – Overcome Design Challenges

Try to add aditionnal source of natural light from outside. In most cases, bathroom is located on the interior walls where no place is available to create a window. This lack of natural light source can change the whole ambiance of the bathroom. It’s always recommended to create an addition window or skylights to create a better flow of air and add more natural light in the bathroom

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Gaudian mosaic style

After having a wonderful holiday in Barcelona, my head is filled with different images of the mosaics I saw In the Gaudi’s Parc Güell and the church ‘La Sagrada Familia”.

Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish/catalan architect. He was well known as one of the pioneers of the “Art Nouveau”/ Catalan Modernist Movement in the city of Barcelona. Most of his work was very related to gothic architectural which he considered as an imperfect art that “produce maximum emotion when they are mutilated, covered by ivy and illuminated by the moon”. His most notable work was of course the monumental Roman Catholic Church “La Sagrada Familia”.

Not so far away from the Sagrada Familia, there is another site in the city that put the Gaudi’s mosaic style as the main attraction. The Park Güell is a garden complex with a wonderful panorama because the park is located in the higher ground of the city of Barcelona.

Inside the park, the mosaics are all around the park from the wall, the floor, the stairs, etc. Basically this park is all about mosaic. The most famous symbolic artifact is the multicolored mosaic dragon fountain at the main entrance.

On the main terrace which heads towards the city of barcelona you can see  long connected bench in a form of a sea serpent. The bench contain long connected line of mosaic which gives a peaceful feeling for the people sitting on it. This area remains the main attraction of the park.

The dragon fountain

The terrace

Mosaic your home

Inspired by this, i was motivated to decorate my kitchen or bathroom with colorful ceramics. It would give myhouse an artistic look and could certainly change the ambiance of the house. I’m imagining having my bathroom floor/wall in bright mosaic colors that represent calmness and serenity. Of course i dont have do cover all spaces with mosaic like what Gaudi did, but at least a slight touch of modernist mosaic would make our house more confortable and stylish.

It’s better to use ceramics from different colors to create the Gaudian style on your bathroom/kitchen. Gaudi is a big fan of mixing different colors in his mosaics which according to him will represent a natural caracter to the room/space. It would look a bit to flashy  at first, but after a while the cool influence that these ceramics bring to the room will definitely give positive effects.



If you prefer to make a more simple room, just decorate your wall with less color and do not create images with it. Create a repetitive style with only several type of ceramics from different colors but still look classy and fresh


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Have you ever been to your friend’s house that has a big and luxurious bathroom but with no taste to it? I’ve seen many of them and seriously I would be glad if I could redecorate it and make it better and simple.

The minimalist concept is very common these days. You don’t need to spend a fortune for buying fancy things like state of the art tiles, gold washbowl, silver hanging shower head and other expensive bathroom decoration. You just need to find the right ideas and suggestions before completing the final design.

1. Wall and floor decoration

First of all, you need to think about choosing the right tiles. From my own point of view, to have a minimalist bathroom you need to choose tiles that are simple colors. The ceramic tiles are very common to use these days and are still can be good if you choose the right color, shiny ivory or silver for example. For the wall, if you want to add paints or pictures on your bathroom wall to make it livelier, paint the wall using the exact same color as the floor to create a harmonious ambiance.

2. Sink

Related to the sink, don’t put humongous sink that can fit a small cat on it. You’re only using it to wash your hand or brush your teeth, so use a normal size of white color sink supported by a glass table for putting your bathing tools.

3. Toilet

An “attached to the wall” toilet would be more interesting to have right? Rather than having old-school toilet that like evertybody has, why don’t you put something attached and become different from everybody? What do you think?

4. Shower place

In the shower place, put a glass door (not the traditional shower curtain) to prevent the water from going out. On the shower floor, it would be better if you can make it lower from the bathroom ground to contain the water and put a bamboo duckboard for you to step on.

When deciding which shower head to choose, consider ease of use and style. Use simple connected shower head in metal to make it simple but classy.

For the final touch, decorate your “minimalist” bathroom with your own decoration ideas depending on your taste and character.


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