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For gardening lovers, there is a amazing structured park located in New York City; the name of the park is High Line Park. The 2,3 km park was built on an old section for elevated freight railroad called West Side Line which situated in the lower west side of Manhattan.

History of High Line Park

The railway highline was initially built in 1934 for facilitate transport to factories and warehouses. In 1990 the railway became unused and full wild grasses, shrubs, and trees that had sprung along the abandoned railway. In 1999, New York’s Mayor at that time Rudy Giuliani had planned to demolish the railway. However, two neighborhood residences Robert Hammond and Joshua David were against the demolition of the famous railway. Instead, they created a community of friends living in that neighborhood to push the idea to turn railway into a green railway park inspired by Paris “promenade plantée”.

Promenade Plantée, Paris


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Have you ever imagined planting your flower without soil? This seems strange at first but actually it’s very possible as long as you know how to do it. This method called “Hydroponic” is actually the growing of plants without soil and maximize other nutrients like water and lighting needed by plants to make them grow better and stronger. This method was initially introduced by Sir Francis bacon in 1967, which made an experiment with spearmint plant with a less-pure water.


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