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For gardening lovers, there is a amazing structured park located in New York City; the name of the park is High Line Park. The 2,3 km park was built on an old section for elevated freight railroad called West Side Line which situated in the lower west side of Manhattan.

History of High Line Park

The railway highline was initially built in 1934 for facilitate transport to factories and warehouses. In 1990 the railway became unused and full wild grasses, shrubs, and trees that had sprung along the abandoned railway. In 1999, New York’s Mayor at that time Rudy Giuliani had planned to demolish the railway. However, two neighborhood residences Robert Hammond and Joshua David were against the demolition of the famous railway. Instead, they created a community of friends living in that neighborhood to push the idea to turn railway into a green railway park inspired by Paris “promenade plantée”.

Promenade Plantée, Paris

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One designer has made his marks in the fashion industry by creating a flower like dress during this year’s Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter Collection 2010-2011. Inspired by Christian Dior Haute Couture collection, the iconic “Tulip Line”, Galliano said “I wanted to bring a bold new bloom into the salon and let the color, texture and structure of flowers inspire a new beauty and create the contemporary Ligne Florale

Galliano’s collections of flowery dress represent a fragrant mix of abstraction and a modern femininity color. The floral shape structure is supported by top of the art cutting technique that mix silk with natural spectrum of color that makes these dresses look marvelous, beautiful and yet elegant.

Galliano used different forms of flowers for this collection including: Parrot Tulops, Crocuses, Orchids, Pansies, Poppies and Sweet peas.

Here are some photos from 2010  – 2011 Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter Collection:

Christian Dior Autumn Winter Collection 2010-2011 - 2

Click in this link to see more: Vogue.fr


This is my subject research of the week, decorating big garden with classic garden furniture. I’m wondering how great it would be to have big historic houses or domestic residences with huge garden/backyard where I can spend my day off chilling under summer sun or doing my favorite activity: gardening. Big gardens could also be suitable for people to organize summer activity like garden party…

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Have you ever get stressed with the soaring temperature during summer time that goes out of control. As the peak of the summer is approaching on August, the temperature will normally increase into its maximum level. During this period of the year, people need to find a solution on how to control the heat level.

I just found something that might solve this problem. Have you heard about metal roofing? Actually, it’s a new solution that prevents overheating inside your house due to over exposure from the heat that makes your air conditioner useless to cool the house. A metal roof reflects the sun’s energy better that asphalt shingles or traditional roofing material. Generally, metal roof’s main use is to conserve solar radiation during daytime and rejects it back into the sky during night time.

If you are interested in purchasing one metal roof, you can try to check at this site Advanced metal roofing…

You also can follow some of these tips about how to be energy efficient:

  • installing new energy efficient windows and doors
  • installing solar panels
  • using energy efficient appliances
  • Follow Energy Star’s recommendation clic here


Source: Energy Star

I’ve heard about this story that egg shells and coffee ground could be very nutritious to soil, but I didn’t believe them until I tried it myself. Actually eggshell can be very healthy for plants because it contains much calcium while coffee ground provide high amount of nitrogen that allows your plant to grow faster and healthier. These two elements represent two basic sources of nutrients which plants need.

How to use them in your garden?

You need the egg shells completely crushed into small pieces first before plant them in the soil near the plants. Uncrushed egg shells will be difficult to be absorbed by the soil. As soon as they are crushed, put them in the bottom of your plant’s pot or put them in the ground surface around your plant such as Tomato, peppers, cabbage etc. The soil will absorb the crushed egg shell and the plant will consume the calcium of the egg to avoid blossom end rot.

Coffee ground is also an important thing that we can use while growing plants. You can even mix them with compost. How to put this coffee ground is easy:

  • Spread coffee ground around plants before watering.
  • Add compost piles to increase nitrogen balance.
  • Encircle the base of the plant with coffee grounds and egg shells to avoid pests.
  • Water the soil to facilitate the absorb process.

The coffee ground and egg shells can also be used to feed earthworms for vermin-posting process.


The Yale University in the United States has published report related to environmental ranking of 163 countries from around the globe. This sudy is based on the environmental criteria such as air quality, level of carbon dioxide, protection of biodiversity, etc. Each country will be given a score of 1 to 100. The winner of this ranking is…ICELAND who received the highest score 93,5.  Sierra Leon is the worst country in terms of environmental issues with a score of 32,5. To see the complete ranking, click here

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I have this small problem going out for holidays far away from Europe. I am planning to have a great time there with my girlfriend and friends. However, I have something that bothers me every time I think about my holiday…my precious plants. I don’t know who will take care of them? Who will water them? I’m so stress..

Normally my neighbors are the only persons that I can count on when I was away for more than a week. At the moment, they already went out of town for holiday. I might put the plants at my mother’s house but she already has too many plants in her house and it seems to me that she’s not too eager to take care of my plants. Well, I’m really lost now..Should I bring my plants to Bali with me where i will spend my 3 weeks holiday? Out of question..

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