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Los Carpinteros is a group of Cuban artist well known for creating interesting installation craftworks and artistic artwork objects. The word “Carpinteros” itself means carpenter in Spanish.

One of their favorites works that really catches my eyes is the “star shaped charcoal barbecue”. Probably in term of usability, this barbecue is not the best in the business if you compare it my other prefered barbecue charcoal collection, The Sigmafocus.

In term of style and fashion, this barbecue is definitely the top of the line. Not only that it is a creation of a real  famous modern artists but the star shaped appearance also represent a art-minded character which is rare to find in home equipments else where..


Source: loscarpinteros

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I am seriously amazed by the effort by some people who want to make this world a better place by recycling trash into something useful. Without even noticing it, your unused kitchen appliances such as plastic milk jugs, shopping bags, bottles, etc can be used for gardening. The good thing is, it would reduce trash and you can save money from it.


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We always have stretch marks/wounds in our knee each time we do our gardening stuff. For planting flowers or plants, sometime we need to bend our knees to the soil and it could force our knee to be dirty and have black marks after several occasions.

Maybe some of you have used this tool but for those who haven’t, try to use this simple and not expensive “garden kneeler seat”. It has a neoprene rubber pad that allows user’s knees to be protected and it also can be used as a comfortable seat as it can be turned upside down.

Other advantage, extremely light and easy to move around, but still provide firm grip for posing your knee or for sitting. It is also water proof and washable and with only 17-20 £ you can use it for many years.

Available in Amazon


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The first of its kind, a hanging barbecue for garden party ! Sounds crazy but I just made this discovery just couple of minutes ago (again thanks to Internet).

The Sigmafocus can be attached to any kind of wall, equipped with a flip and folds thick steel fire bowl to make it easier to use. You don’t need to drag your old charcoal barbecue that you normally hide in your garage or your garden storage. Just prepare the food, enough charcoal and that’s it.. Moreover, this “well thought off-equipment” has an ash pan that can be used several times.

The idea came from Focus, a France- based fireplace Maker Company. Well known for making “state of the art” futuristic-shape fireplaces. Focus is very popular in Australia. 

The summer is here, if you want to organize a barbecue party with your friends or family..give this gadget a try people!!


Source: Focus


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The DIY rain barrel

To what extent, a good gardener can reduce the over consummation of tank water to do gardening stuff? As we all know, we spend significant amount of money for our water consummation. By using water barrel, we can save huge amount of money in a season. Thanks to water barrels, we can collect 300 gallons of water that flows from our roof. The water can be used for cleaning your house, for your house plants and your garden.

Beside this facts, rain barrel can be useful to reduce pollution by reducing storm water runoff. Each rain that falls in to the ground creates puddle of water. This type of water will then integrate with any kind of pollutant sediment that comes from our own consummation like garbage wastes, gasoline wastes and other type of pollutant sediments that can provoke illness to human and other living vegetations. Rain barrel’s role is to contain/conserve rain waters not to flow in the ground and make our environment cleaner.

To create a rain barrel, you don’t have to go to shops or buy expensive stuff, here below are some tips about how to create a cheap but useful water barrel:

  1. Gather the materials needed:
    • 1 large plastic garbage can (the larger it is, the more water you can collect)
    • 1 tube of watertight sealant or roll of Teflon tape for plumbing
    • 2 rubber washers
    • 2 metal washers
    • 1 hose clamp
    • 1 spigot
    • A drill
    • Landscaping fabric

2. Drill a hole in the barrel to fill in the spigot. Don’t make the hole too low because you don’t want the water pouring out that contains some water dirt from the bottom of the barrel.

3. Put a metal washer onto the threaded end of the spigot. Finally, to avoid water leakage put a snugly fitting rubber washer over the threads.

4. Seal it up by using waterproof sealant over the rubber washer, wait until it dries and put the spigot with the metal washer and the rubber washer into the whole.

5. Make an entry and exit holes for the water. Use a cutter to make a small whole around the the lid of the barrel. If possible, make two holes on the top of the barrel (under the lid) to allow water to overflow.

6. Put an anti landscape fabric between the top of the barrel and the lid to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from entering the barrel.

7. Place the rain barrel near the downspout to make the water fall easier into the barrel.

8. Job is done

To conclure, a rain barrel can be used for the plants during the dry season. Rain barrels can also be arranged to slowly release the collected rain fall to areas that can soak up the water, reducing stormwater runoff and increasing groundwater recharge.

Source: http://www.bhg.com/

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When you have a big house with a big garden, you need another extra space to storage garden tools and equipments. Sometimes, it’s annoying to create big storage room for it or put all of the equipments in your garage. Fortunately, there are an alternative idea for gardener to use only small garden storage that can fit almost all the essential equipments in it.

The storage is made by woods with double doors for easy access and well thought off shelves to put your equipments. The wood is made from Western Red Chedar which is a type of wood known for its beauty, distinct aroma and it’s highly resistance to decay. So in term of quality, we can say that this storage is solid but posses certain character on it.

You can find this product in this product in this site http://www.cedarshed.co.uk

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