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Los Carpinteros is a group of Cuban artist well known for creating interesting installation craftworks and artistic artwork objects. The word “Carpinteros” itself means carpenter in Spanish.

One of their favorites works that really catches my eyes is the “star shaped charcoal barbecue”. Probably in term of usability, this barbecue is not the best in the business if you compare it my other prefered barbecue charcoal collection, The Sigmafocus.

In term of style and fashion, this barbecue is definitely the top of the line. Not only that it is a creation of a real  famous modern artists but the star shaped appearance also represent a art-minded character which is rare to find in home equipments else where..


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The first of its kind, a hanging barbecue for garden party ! Sounds crazy but I just made this discovery just couple of minutes ago (again thanks to Internet).

The Sigmafocus can be attached to any kind of wall, equipped with a flip and folds thick steel fire bowl to make it easier to use. You don’t need to drag your old charcoal barbecue that you normally hide in your garage or your garden storage. Just prepare the food, enough charcoal and that’s it.. Moreover, this “well thought off-equipment” has an ash pan that can be used several times.

The idea came from Focus, a France- based fireplace Maker Company. Well known for making “state of the art” futuristic-shape fireplaces. Focus is very popular in Australia. 

The summer is here, if you want to organize a barbecue party with your friends or family..give this gadget a try people!!


Source: Focus


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