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First thing first, choose strong and solid tree to build such as: oak, beech, maple and hemlock. If you don’t have a big tree in your backyard, don’t force it! You can only build a three house if your tree has a thick branch and strong enough to support the weight of the tree house

Oak Tree Wood



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Doing gardening can be tricky sometimes. Having a big backyard doesn’t guarantee a successful and correct gardening result. Without careful attention, your plants will die and sometimes we are just unable to uncover the mystery. Basically, you need to understand what’s the cause of it? Your plant can go healthy and your garden can be beautiful more than ever, as long as you know what mistakes all gardeners need to avoid and how to repair it?

There are 8 crucial points to be remembered

1.Chossing the wrong spot for your garden

To find the best spot for your garden, you need to check the quality of the soil first. Make sure the mulch is not too soggy. On the other hand, plant needs morning sunlight as the sun plays a major role in their photosynthesis process.

2.Grow plants without preparing the soil

Soil has different types depends on the region and the temperature. Before starting gardening, check the quality of the soil by using soil testing kit that you can find easily in gardening store.

3. Sloppy plant threatment

Have you ever heard the myth that plants have feelings? Well i do believe that it’s true..In order to avoid stupid mistakes like pulling up flowers instead of weeds, leave your plants in a closed area that prevent contact with the sun, or planting two plants too close with one and another. These mistakes can be costly, plants are very sensitive and they don’t tell when they are hurting or when they are not doing well. So if you love your plants so much, if you want your plant to grow healthy and strong; threat them with care and love because believe it or not, they can feel it..

3. Invasive plants

You need to avoid having invasive plants. If you’re buying plant weeds, look for words that say reseeder and vigorous growth, which often indicate invasive tendencies. These plants have the tendency to grow faster and uncontrollable. Plants like horseradish, English ivy, Mexican feather grass, and spiderwort are known to be invasive in the garden.


English Ivy

Mexican Feather Grass

4. Protect your plants from destructive wildlife

Garden is the best place to live for different types of wildlife. Some of them can be very harmless or even useful for our flowers and plants like bees and earth worm for example. On the contrary, some wildlife can be dangerous we don’t take precocious attention. Animals like squirrel and raccoons are prone to destroy our plant/veggies/fruits. Caterpillar and other pests are also can menace our garden.

To avoid having your fruit eaten by rodents, try to use fences to protect your plant/trees. Against pests such as aphids, use small amount of pesticides moderately! You can also fight the pests by inviting other anti-pests bugs such as the ladybird.

5. Over-watering

Plants need water that’s for sure but overwatering them is a bad idea. It drowns plants roots, causing them to rot; underwatering, on the other hand, can dehydrate it. You have to know your plants when they need or dont need extra water. Water irrigation system is a solution to control the flow of the water. If you like, using grey water system is also another alternative to have a recycled water controller.


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Not only human that have the opportunity to go to luxurious hotels, now the insects have the chance to feel how it is like to spend time in “Burj-Al Arab” for insects. In Britain, alongside the “Bring Back Bee” campaign, there are other interesting movement that encourage people to save garden wildlife. However, this time it involves real architects.


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Gardyn, that’s the name of the song that really captured my attention when I accidentally found the clip in Youtube. The song is a little mother’s day present from a son to her mother. The music elements were taken from “real world” sounds that he collected from their garden. He collected real world vocal samples, in the same time he filmed different scenes in the garden (including interview scene with her mother) to make the video.

He mixed all of this and formed it into a very blissful and natural clip. Very inspiring video for all gardening lovers…To watch the video clic here

– P –

Source: Pogomix.net

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As I already posted in my previous article Flower lover named Bumblebee the existence of bees in wildlife is in serious danger. In the UK, the Sunday Telegraph has launched a serious campaign called “Bring Back Bees”. The goal is to preserve the bee’s natural habitat that has been seriously damaged due to climate change, the threat from parasites and the increase of urbanization that reduce bee’s natural habitat.


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Have you ever thought about having aquatic wildlife in your garden pond? It’s true that your garden will look so much better with extra occupants like frogs, snails or water insects. Make your pond as natural as possible would be a good idea to invite them. All animals need water to live or to drink. Some of them spend all of their life in the water and some come for drinking and bathing.


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We always have stretch marks/wounds in our knee each time we do our gardening stuff. For planting flowers or plants, sometime we need to bend our knees to the soil and it could force our knee to be dirty and have black marks after several occasions.

Maybe some of you have used this tool but for those who haven’t, try to use this simple and not expensive “garden kneeler seat”. It has a neoprene rubber pad that allows user’s knees to be protected and it also can be used as a comfortable seat as it can be turned upside down.

Other advantage, extremely light and easy to move around, but still provide firm grip for posing your knee or for sitting. It is also water proof and washable and with only 17-20 £ you can use it for many years.

Available in Amazon


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