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Yesterday, 5 burglars entered my neighbor’s house through the front door while they went to the nearest supermarket to buy some stuff. At that time I was not at home as well, but I was shocked to hear the news and fell really sorry for them. They lost almost all of their most precious belongings like TV, PC, Radio, Camera canon etc. Fortunately all of his stuff are insured, can you imagine if they were not? The crazy thing is, this burglars only needed 5 minutes for the whole operation.


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We always have stretch marks/wounds in our knee each time we do our gardening stuff. For planting flowers or plants, sometime we need to bend our knees to the soil and it could force our knee to be dirty and have black marks after several occasions.

Maybe some of you have used this tool but for those who haven’t, try to use this simple and not expensive “garden kneeler seat”. It has a neoprene rubber pad that allows user’s knees to be protected and it also can be used as a comfortable seat as it can be turned upside down.

Other advantage, extremely light and easy to move around, but still provide firm grip for posing your knee or for sitting. It is also water proof and washable and with only 17-20 £ you can use it for many years.

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