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An interesting way to spend summer time in your garden!  Relaxing in the hammock in your backyard will definitely let your stress go. After a full week of stressful moments in the office, summer time in is the best moment for you to benefit from your garden.  Try to buy some hanging chairs and put them between threes in your back yard.

Amazonas Globo Swing Seat

There are several types of hanging chairs or hammocks depending on your preference. I’ve made some discovery in the Internet about one interesting and appealing hanging hammock that can be used in both indoor and outdoor. The Amazonas Globo Swing Seat is a great, stylish, modern addition to widerange of hanging chairs. It’s very good for couples because of its big cushion and you’ll feel like sitting in a big hanging sofa in your garden. The chair itself It is made of robust spruce wood.

Source: internetgardener

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Have you ever had difficulties to choose the right rain chain for our house? During rainy season these chains can be useful to facilitate the circulation of water falling from our roof to the soil.

Rain chain was popularized by the Japanese people. The actual use of it is for decoration and to provide a transport of rainwater coming from the top of the house to a water container/rain barrel in the bottom of the house.

Normally we always faced with overpriced chains that make us hesitate to buy them. Well when buying rain chain, you need to analyze the material used, make sure that the chain is made from a solid material such as


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Nowadays, once a science fiction addict hear the name bumblebee, the first thing that comes to mind is an alien robot that walks around the earth and can transform itself into a Chevy Camaro from the block-buster film The Transformers. Well it’s not exactly the one I wanted to talk about. The real Bumblebee is a species of bee well known for its yellow-black body hairs and it is role in the pollination process which allows flowers to transport their pollens to other flowers for reproduction. This process is  very ideal partnership for both creatures. Bumblebees are known for feeding nectar of the flowers that contains sugar and vitamins. During the feeding process the flower’s pollen grains are wedges into the bee’s hairy hind leg for transport.


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