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Robotic pool cleaner

Developped Vortex technology

The “pool cleaning  specialist” brand Zodiac launched one of its new creation, the Polaris 9300 Sport. It is a robotic pool cleaner for pool maintenance in the most practical way. It is equipped with a top of the line vortex vacuum technology, easy to access filter canister, easy to remove debris. Moreover, it also allows user to navigate with it easily in the surface of the pool and it has a large storage capicity, so no need to reject the pool dirt and debris too often.


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Enviroment friendly dress

Going green has become very famous notion in today’s world. The idea for this is to save the planet by creating things that are harmless to the environment, especially the plants.

Recently, I saw another going-green action in the fashion industry! Maybe it sounds new in this industry but believe it or not, a Italian designer Linda Schailon made the craziest idea by creating a dress covered with live plant. The Sprinkle Dress features a wire skirt that covers all below part of the dress with the plants attached to it.

A crazy but funny creation. It reminds people how important it is to conserve plants to save the planet. A very interesting innovation.

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Source: Ecouterre

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