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Make your garden more beautiful with summer flowers

The summer is coming and for all gardeners, it’s time to create more illuminate summer flowers and plants in your garden. Obviously, there are hundreds of summer flowers that you can plant in your garden but I can give you some suggestion about the most preferred by gardeners


This one is the favorite for all gardeners regarding to summer flowers. They exist in different colors; the most famous is the purple ones. They are quite tolerant to drought and long-blooming


2.The Purple Geranium

The geranium is known for its long lasting bloom that can last from spring to fall. This beauty that exists in several colors will definitely give sweet effects to your garden.


3.The Dahlias

For the summer and autumn the dahlias are hard to beat. They are another species from the family of Asteraceae. They are originated from the mountains of south and middle America before coming popular worldwide.



The colorful Nasturtium comes in yellow, orange and red and blooms throughout the whole summer.

Red Nasturtium

5.The Daylilies “Stella d’Oro”

It the smallest of the family daylilies with only 2 feet tall but could grow during all season long unlike most daylilies. These daylilies are pest and disease resistant, making them one of the easiest daylilies to grow.

Stella D'Oro

For flower lovers, the gardening fiesta will start soon. Summer is also the season when people spend time outdoors  and it’s always fun to  enjoy your garden that give a lively ambiance to its environment.  Before the full summer arrives, spend more time in your garden and plant the right flowers that correspond to your garden’s character . What are you waiting for?

Make your back yard colorful with lovely flower garden!



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Lighting your bathroomMost of us don’t really consider bathroom lightning as an essential part for having a nice and comfortable bathroom. Well actually it is very important.  The bathroom is where we do our very personal and detail moment such as putting make up and shaving. We sometimes get annoyed when we make mistakes while doing those tasks without realizing real cause. Poor lightning is definitely one thing we need to avoid, therefore here are some tips to make sure your bathroom will be better illuminated:

Tip 1 – Layer the Light

You can feel how irritating is to have a bathroom with just one light source and a single source of light can be very unpleasant.  There are several options to remodel your bathroom that includes several types of light:

Task lighting provides the right light while applying makeup and shaving. This type of lighting have different models, but the one I would recommend is the hanging on the wall flanking the sink type.

Ambient Lighting gives a bouncing effect of the light to the ceiling and can soften shadows.

Accent Lighting allows you to illuminate design features such as paintings, plants or the tiles.

Decorating Lighting to add some luxurious touch in your bathroom. To be installed in the ceiling of your   bathroom.

Tips 2 – Create a scene

Try to locate the scene for the lighting. Focus the bright light in the area where you spend most of the time for applying make up or shaving. Create a softer lighting for relaxing area like in the bathtub or in the shower depends on your preference.

Tips 3 – Overcome Design Challenges

Try to add aditionnal source of natural light from outside. In most cases, bathroom is located on the interior walls where no place is available to create a window. This lack of natural light source can change the whole ambiance of the bathroom. It’s always recommended to create an addition window or skylights to create a better flow of air and add more natural light in the bathroom

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Choosing a friendly room area rug is not always an easy task, especially when you have pets in your house. In most cases, pets tend to play with them and sometimes bite them into several pieces that can damage not only the rug itself but also your pet’s teeth or claws. To avoid these kinds of small but irritating problems, I advise you to choose pet friendly rugs and they will definitely prefer them to the bare floor.

First things first, it’s better to choose dark colored rugs because it hide dirt, stain and hair from your pet. For the material, I have some ideas to consider making your rug nice and clean but still enjoyable for your pet to play on it.

  • Bamboo rug:

Bamboo rug is a very pet friendly type of rug that you can buy anytime. It is durable, sustainable and easy to vacuum because the animal’s hair will not stick to it. Any type of dirt or stain can be easily cleaned and it doesn’t create bad smell when the rug gets wet because of your pet.

  • Seagrass rug

Seagrass carpet has different function to it and it looks really stylish and smooth. It also very resistant to stains and just like bamboo, pet’s hair will not stick to it.

  • Derclon

This one looks more like a wool synthetic fiber, anti stain because it’s non-porous. The good think about derclon rug is the variety of colors that stores normally sell. Therefore, you can easily choose the color that blends smoothly with the surrounding. Moreover, the fiber material will make it impossible for it to shed.

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