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The importance of plant in our daily lives has taken its critical phase. It seems to me that people ignore or maybe don’t really understand the importance of living vegetations in our planet and how we stupidly destroy them without taking into consideration the aftermath of our actions. We don’t really care about the essential role that these plants play in protecting the planet from climate change that has been such a big issue recently.

Plants play a very big role in taking carbon dioxide out from the atmosphere. By destroying these plants, the level of carbon will be uncontrollable and world’s carbon emissions will reach its peak that provokes an increase in the planet’s climate. This is the main cause to what we call today the “global warming”. On the other hand, as the planet’s temperature increases, the effect on the living plants and other living vegetations will be at risk.

If we don’t act, in couple of years, if the deforestation continues, the carbon emissions will reach its critical stage and the planet will be too hot for its living vegetations to support.

Conserving plant therefore is the only solution to environmental change. In the UK, I just noticed a really positive action has been taken by an organization with a mission to save the plants. The Royal Botanical Garden, Kew who conserves more than seven millions preserved plant specimens in their garden has commenced some legitimate actions to conserve different species of plants from around the world. The idea is to openly share the knowledge about plants and the importance of conserving plants in order to save the planet.

One of Kew’s most significant conservation’s plans is the Millennium Seed Bank partnership. The mission is to travel all around the globe, especially to places where local plants are threatened by the climate change and human activities. These plants will be conserved away from their “not longer suitable” natural habitats to avoid extinction.

The conserved seeds will be safely conserved in the Kew Garden and Wakehurst Place

They have successfully conserved around 10% of wild plant species and they are aiming to double that number in 5 years time. Of course, with the help of people who care about plants and the future of our planet.

The seeds conservation room at Kew’s Millennium Seed Ba


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