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Have you ever been to your friend’s house that has a big and luxurious bathroom but with no taste to it? I’ve seen many of them and seriously I would be glad if I could redecorate it and make it better and simple.

The minimalist concept is very common these days. You don’t need to spend a fortune for buying fancy things like state of the art tiles, gold washbowl, silver hanging shower head and other expensive bathroom decoration. You just need to find the right ideas and suggestions before completing the final design.

1. Wall and floor decoration

First of all, you need to think about choosing the right tiles. From my own point of view, to have a minimalist bathroom you need to choose tiles that are simple colors. The ceramic tiles are very common to use these days and are still can be good if you choose the right color, shiny ivory or silver for example. For the wall, if you want to add paints or pictures on your bathroom wall to make it livelier, paint the wall using the exact same color as the floor to create a harmonious ambiance.

2. Sink

Related to the sink, don’t put humongous sink that can fit a small cat on it. You’re only using it to wash your hand or brush your teeth, so use a normal size of white color sink supported by a glass table for putting your bathing tools.

3. Toilet

An “attached to the wall” toilet would be more interesting to have right? Rather than having old-school toilet that like evertybody has, why don’t you put something attached and become different from everybody? What do you think?

4. Shower place

In the shower place, put a glass door (not the traditional shower curtain) to prevent the water from going out. On the shower floor, it would be better if you can make it lower from the bathroom ground to contain the water and put a bamboo duckboard for you to step on.

When deciding which shower head to choose, consider ease of use and style. Use simple connected shower head in metal to make it simple but classy.

For the final touch, decorate your “minimalist” bathroom with your own decoration ideas depending on your taste and character.


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What does organic gardening mean? What’s the difference with the normal gardening? This is one of the questions that enter your mind when you hear the combination of the words “organic” and “gardening”.

Basically, “organic gardening” is a form of gardening method that utilizes an natural pest control to reduce the poisonous and negative effects on the environment. Moreover, in order to have a natural organic garden, you need to provide a lot of fertilizers from natural resources rather than the ones that integrates chemicals form it. This type is friendlier for plants and animals especially earthworms, insects, bacteria and fungi that use organic matter for food which prepares it for live vegetation.

Adding chemicals into fertilizer are prone to harm and endanger living organism in the soil. Therefore, a proper program of recycling the soil by utilizing more natural fertilizer will help it to recuperate the same ingredient that was coming originally from the soil itself. Thus, the soil will maintain its originality and will continuing the cycle to help other living vegetations to grow healthier.

In order to be able to have an “organic garden” what should one do?  You need to know a little bit  more about composting your soil. Basically, it is a way to help the soil to create new soil through decomposition of natural plant materials. This type doesn’t cost a lot and is very easy to do. You can use different sorts of organic scraps like  vegetable and fruit wastes, leaves, weeds, etc. These types of wastes are very easy to absorb and fertilize by the soil. Thus, when buried under ground with a proper condition, it will make it easier for the bacteria to decompose into humus.

All of this is for our own benefits, if we threat the nature right; she too will take care of us. It’s all about the cycle, as long as you don’t destroy the chain, the whole mechanism will live harmoniously. The result, these living vegetations that we consume from our own vegetable garden will be fresher and more nutritious.

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